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Anthony A.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedicationto me and my family. I am so very thankful that we employed you as our attorney.


Kaine is a great attorney and I have referred several clients to him because I myself am a client and I know the great work he has done for me and my case. I could not imagine handling the custody case on my own and am very grateful for Mr. Fisher's dedicated and fine work he has provided! I forgot to mention that Kaine has always been available and extremely easy to contact and he even gave me his personal cell number which I am sure not many clients have. Kaine you are absolutely the best!


Kaine has helped a family member on multiple occasions deal with difficult and complicated issues. His advice of what to do and what NOT to do made all the difference in the world. On top of being incredibly smart and well versed in the law, he's a great guy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Kaine and his entire team is exactly what you want on your legal team. No matter how simple or complex your case, Kaine and his team will walk you through every step of the process. Kaine handled my divorce from start to finish without me ever having to step into court and was able to work a settlement that was in my best interest. I highly recommend Kaine and his team - especially when it comes to Father's rights and other high profile matters.


Kaine has helped me twice. I first met him when my life was falling apart, a divorce after 30+ years. Kaine helped to make me feel like I wouldn't go from upper middle class to a pauper. He laid out my options within the bounds of the law; he made me feel like life could go on, and he gave me a safe haven for the questions and concerns swirling in my mind.
Several years later, when my son and I were in a fight for custody of my granddaughter , he again laid out our rights under the law, and went to bat for us; giving us more options than we knew were available, and securing us fair custody rights in a very difficult situation.
If you are looking for someone who will fight for you and support you, I highly recommend Kaine.


Kaine is an amazing trust worthy attorney that cares for his client and is very open and honest about what to expect. Their is no question he won't answer to the best of his ability. Thank you Kaine for helping my family and always being available when we need you.


Kaine Fisher is an amazing lawyer. During one of the roughest times of my life he was there. He explained every thing to me(in terms that I could understand) every step of the way. I met with several lawyers prior to Kaine, but they all talked to me as if I was a lawyer myself. He made sure that I was never caught off guard. No matter how nervous or freaked out I would become, Kaine was always able to calm me down and keep me focused. His response time was excellent. I never felt that I was just another case on his to do list. My ex was constantly filling frivolous paperwork with the court. A lot of Lawyers would have just taken my money and continued to respond to each little false thing, but not him. He filed a petition that resulted in the judge having to review each thing and advise if I we had to respond or not. I felt that Kaine really cared about what happened to me and my son and not just collecting a check. It was his hard work and dedication over the on again off again 5 year battle that allows me to have the peaceful life I have today. I say to any single parent out there that is starting the hard journey of going to court, please do yourself a favor and hire Kaine Fisher.


Kaine Fisher greatly exceeded our expectations. He was very friendly, empathetic and knowledgable. Mr. Fisher provided valuable advice in an emotionally difficult situation and helped our family make
informed decisions. We cannot thank him enough!


Aside from a successful resume and many years of experience, Kaine went above and beyond my expectations. I've had many bad experiences with lawyers that seem to just go through the motions of lawyering . He always made my best interests the focus of my case . I always felt confident and informed about every aspect of my case , including the cost . Kaine did everything he could to keep the custody suit costs to a minimum with realistic recommendations and never wasted my money. I really appreciated that along with his genuine dedication to have a successful resolution. With that being said I wouldn't have any other recommendation for a family lawyer.


Kaine has been very helpful to me throughout my divorce/custody case. He is always respectful, responsive to my needs and questions, and professional. He is certainly knowledgeable and, even when he has to tell you something you may not want to hear, is capable at guiding you in the right direction.


Mr. Kaine Fisher has been representing myself for 1.5 yrs. He follows the necessary steps (procedures) that must be taken to obtain the outcome we hope for each time. Just know our court system moves at a slower pace & it may be frustrating but be patient, keep your trust in Kaine. My case has severe road blocks & each time we hurdle over one another one is put it...but we continue to have the outcome in our favor!

A Grateful Father

Kaine has been my lawyer for several years now. I was stuck in a bitter custody/relocation battle with my ex that seemed never ending. My ex tried everything under the sun to take my child away from me. No matter how many lawyers she threw at me, Kaine was always there, each and every time. I thank him for his dedication, compassion, and attention to detail. But most of all, I thank him for believing in me as I was going through the most harrowing experience in my life. There are not enough words to describe how professional, organized, and masterful he and his legal team are. A special thank you to his legal assistant, Rona, who always took the time to respond promptly to my emails, phone calls, and the endless questions I had. Kaine truly cares about his clients and I would recommend him forever. I am proud to call him my lawyer and friend. You and your team are a credit to the legal industry!


When my son and I were caught in yet another custody battle, one telephone call from Kaine changed a confrontational ex into a woman willing to discuss the legal ramifications of her failure to abide by agreed upon terms of custody. Kaine is determined and assertive, and went above and beyond, working diligently to resolve our conflict in a timely manner. He gives honest, straightforward counsel-even if that counsel is not what you want to hear, but NEED to hear. I cannot say enough about Kaine's expertise, caring, and compassion for his clients/friends.


Kaine served as my child support attorney in 2015, and was very helpful throughout. He successfully helped me defend child support case, while also supporting me to officially establish a Parenting Plan, which has proved incredibly helpful.

From the initial conversation, he provided clear guidance for the outlook of the case. and throughout, he continued to provide professional, reliable updates.

Kaine also did very well in terms of remaining calm, and working with the emotional other half.

Kaine comes highly recommended.


My husband and I hired Mr. Fisher to face accusations from DCS. We weren't his typical case, and he was clear with us upfront that he didn't work on cases against DCS often as they are really difficult to work against and hard on the heart. Regardless, he felt for our family and what we were going through and wanted to help.

Kaine is very good at prompt communication and responses. He took all of our opinions and thoughts into consideration along the way which made our case very strong against the opposition. We felt like he did a great job keeping us in the loop all through our case which allowed us to make informed decisions. This also helped us to aggressively work to check all the boxes DCS could try to push in our way and were able to get our case dismissed.

You will not regret your decision to hire Kaine Fisher as your lawyer. He treats his clients like a friend and yet stays professional. He will be there to help you with prompt responses and quick thinking to get the job done. He has a perfect way with words that will get the other side riled up just enough, and then he'll back down to play it cool. We can't recommend him highly enough.


Kaine accepted my case even though this was not a typical case he usually agrees to handle. He explained everything to me very efficiently right from the start but made sure to slow down and explain further whenever I gave him the look that I wasn't understanding him (which wasn't very frequently!). He was thoroughly knowledgeable in every situation we came across, and rather than charge me additional time for information I could provide, encouraged me with how and where to find what we needed.
He was first and foremost my advocate. He kept reminding me that his main interest is to be sure this was settled fairly. My ex-husband did everything possible to make the process more difficult and stressful. I don't typically rejoice when others are put in their spot, but there was one particular issue my ex kept bringing up and pressuring me about, and Kaine wrote him an email response that was so perfect!! He was totally professional, appropriate, and truthful, and yet totally put him in his place!! It was wonderful! Kaine offered to talk with him a number of times, and did so at least twice, to help calm my ex down and get him off my back. Of course, I could've opted for my ex to only talk to my lawyer and not me at all, but I thought it would help make the process easier (ha, ha) if I allowed him to still talk with me.
Near the end of the process, my husband was wearing me down to the point where I was ready to just give him whatever he wanted, but Kaine, acting as my advocate, would not allow me to roll over and play dead. He was wonderful: patient, understanding, supportive... everything I could've hoped for in a lawyer. I cold never thank him enough, and I am so grateful I had him on my side!!!


Kaine represented me in a "not so typical" family law case. He has a wonderful bedside manner, listens, and made me feel like my concerns were valid (even if they weren't:) If he wasn't an expert on an issue we were facing, he made sure to bring one in. I appreciated that. He worked with me and was flexible and made sure I was in good hands all along the way.


Kaine was very informative, thorough and compassionate with a very intricate lengthily divorce that I was in. I found him to be very understanding and forthcoming with all the legalities and explaining them to me in an insightful manner. He was willing to fight for my rights. I have already recommended him


Kaine is not only knowledgeable, dedicated, and thorough, but he is also very compassionate and personable. During a difficult case and situation, Kaine a!ways was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had.


Kaine is a Rock-star family lawyer. He provided great guidance and very quick responses to all of my inquires during my divorce process. My matter was settled fairly and much quicker than even I expected. Kaine's paralegal Amica was fantastic and on top of everything! I would strongly recommend the team


I have spent almost 7 years embroiled in a multitude of difficult situations with my ex-husband. During this time I have used the services of 5 attorneys. My most recent situation was the most challenging, and required an insightful and readily-available attorney. While I had used the services of Rose Law Group before, I had never used the services of Mr. Kaine Fisher. Initially, on a weekend, I sent Mr. Fisher a plethora of emails relating to the past 7 years of divorce issues. Much to my surprise, by Sunday, Mr. Fisher had answered my emails. He was there for me on an emergency basis (without an initial meeting). At that moment, I finally had some semblance of peace in navigating the legal waters ahead. During the ensuing 8 months, my child and I endured many situations that could easily have erupted into law enforcement and legal nightmares. Every step of the way Mr. Fisher responded to my inquiries and concerns with speed (even on weekends and holidays), patience, respect, logic and an obvious intricate understanding of the myriad of concerning factors. Every legal response by Mr. Fisher was creative, perceptive, and brilliantly articulated. While my child and I had to use our own resources to circumnavigate some of the turmoil, Mr. Fisher’s legal guidance was prominent in our minds. While some attorneys might have shied away from our challenging case, Mr. Fisher took it on, truly not knowing if we could achieve our goals. I think this took enormous personal integrity and insight from Mr. Fisher, as he felt he was doing his best to protect my interests and the safety of my child. And, in the end, I did obtain 100% of my goals and with that, peace of mind for years to come. I truly support Mr. Kaine Fisher as a brilliant attorney and whole-heartedly recommend his services.

Furthermore, the Rose Law Group has a multitude of legal resources, all of which are easily called upon at a moment’s notice. The attorneys do work as a team, utilizing the expertise of each associate as needed. Additionally, the paralegals are informed, respectful, quick to respond and always careful to support your bests interests.

I cannot say enough good things about this Group and enthusiastically endorse the Rose Law Group as a superb team that will always go above and beyond to serve your legal needs in the most skillful manner possible. And, in particular I am thoroughly impressed by the first-rate legal stratagem of Mr. Kaine Fisher.


Through a complicated annulment, Mr. Fisher was skilled in determining the best course of action, for an outcome in my favor. I could not be more pleased with his quality of service-- or the end result of his efforts. Through the process, he (and his amazing team) were responsive- answering any questions, and alleviating all concerns, in a timely manner. Mr. Fisher's knowledge regarding family law was unmatched, compared to the multiple other lawyers I meet with. Immediately after our consultation, I knew he was the lawyer best suited to represent my case. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

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