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Phoenix High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

If you or your spouse have developed substantial assets before and during your marriage, you may have to undergo a high net worth divorce in Arizona.

If you have assets that you are trying to protect through a divorce proceeding, it is important that you find an attorney that has a lot of experience with high net worth divorces. They are different from standard divorces and have more complexities to them when it comes to asset division and protection. 

Complex Property and Asset Division

Assets and property acquired during a marriage are presumed to be community property that must be divided equally under Arizona law. Any property that was owned prior to marriage or that was gifted or an inheritance is considered separate property and should not be divided. A standard marriage deals with shared assets involving bank accounts, a home, and vehicles. But a high asset marriage has more assets to divide which brings complexities. Some of the assets we have worked with are:

  • Business interests 
  • Multiple homes or vacation properties
  • Investment portfolios
  • Complex retirement accounts
  • Real estate investments
  • Trusts
  • High-end vehicles
  • Stock options
  • Valuable artwork or jewelry

Identifying, managing and protecting assets becomes a major part of a high net worth divorce. Because of this, you need to have an attorney that has plenty of experience dealing with these types of divorces so that you can know your assets are in good hands. 

Child Support

Courts tend to base their child support calculations on the income of each parent. The parent that earns more should expect to pay some amount of child support based on the formula set by Arizona law. If a child is used to a high standard of living, then the amount of child support based on the standard formula may not be sufficient. Your attorney can petition the court to deviate from the standard formula set by the state. 

Spousal Support

Spousal support or spousal maintenance is another point of contention in a high net worth divorce. When one spouse builds significant wealth, the other spouse may not work at all. When dealing with a divorce in this scenario, the spouse who has not worked may not be able to afford basic necessities after leaving the marriage. Typically the spouse will request a large amount of support from their spouse in which there becomes a fight. Dealing with this dynamic can be very tricky along with everything else that is going on. It is important you get an experienced high net worth attorney involved to make sure everything is handled properly and you don’t get taken advantage of. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

High net worth individuals tend to have a prenuptial agreement in place before getting married or they have a postnuptial agreement the couple agreed to after the marriage occurred. These marital agreements cover many of the common issues in divorce like property division and spousal maintenance. In a high net worth divorce, these agreements are normally disputed, so it is important that you have strong representation in your divorce handlings so that you can protect the validity of the agreements you and your spouse agreed upon early on in your marriage. 

How Can A Family Law & Divorce Attorney Help?

Our legal team’s goal and responsibility is to gather all of the resources necessary to get you the best outcome possible for your family law case. Once you decide to retain our team, you can expect the stress to be off your shoulders. You will be able to spend your time focusing on your job, your kids and working on yourself. Our team will hold all of the stresses that come with a family law matter and will fight to get you the best outcome. 

To get started, schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys so that we can evaluate your case. In your consultation, we will help you understand what your next steps need to be.

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Kaine is a Rock-star family lawyer. He provided great guidance and very quick responses to all of my inquires during my divorce process. My matter was settled fairly and much quicker than even I expected. Kaine's paralegal Amica was fantastic and on top of everything! I would strongly recommend the team from Rose Law to anyone going through this process.
5 Stars


Kaine was very informative, thorough and compassionate with a very intricate lengthily divorce that I was in. I found him to be very understanding and forthcoming with all the legalities and explaining them to me in an insightful manner. He was willing to fight for my rights. I have already recommended him to a couple of my friends to use.
5 Stars


Kaine represented me in a "not so typical" family law case. He has a wonderful bedside manner, listens, and made me feel like my concerns were valid (even if they weren't:) If he wasn't an expert on an issue we were facing, he made sure to bring one in. I appreciated that. He worked with me and was flexible and made sure I was in good hands all along the way.
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